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Rules and Regulations


  1. TThe Festival proceedings and awards decisions shall be under the management of “Yip’s Music Festival” (hereinafter referred to as YMF). Thus the governing authority shall reside with the YMF Committee whose
    executive decisions are final.
  2. All matters not dealt with in the Rules and Regulations shall be referred to the YMF Committee whose decisionsand governing authority shall be final and binding on all matters concerned.
  3. Complaints and protests will only be considered upon receipt of a written submission to the YMF Executive Committee. Complaints may be written and submitted at any time; however a formal review will only be
    conducted after the completion of the Festival by the YMF Executive Committee. Emergency complaints may always be directed to any member of the Committee.
  4. It is the commitment of the YMF Executive Committee to ensure fairness and impartiality. All final decisions reside within the governing authority of the YMF Executive Committee and the director.
  5. The Festival is open to amateurs only.

General Rules & Regulations

The following rules have been prescribed to ensure fairness for all participants. Please read them carefully before applying to participate in the Festival. Failure to comply with any of the provisions of the following rules may result in the performance being judged as non-competitive, in which case the participant will be permitted to perform and will receive comments only but no mark or ranking will be given.


  1. The Festival is open to amateurs only. An amateur is defined by an individual whose principal means of livelihood is not obtained from the profession of music and who has not been received
    renumeration for the practice of music as a major source of his/her income.The Festival is, unless otherwise stated, open to all competitors without regard to residence or place of domicile.
  2. The Festival is, unless otherwise stated, open to all competitors without regard to residence or place of domicile.
  3. No age limit is imposed, except where indicated. In such cases, the age of Participant as of January 1, 2020 will be considered. Classes designated as “Open” are offered for competitors of all ages,
    within the guidelines noted for the particular classes. For all classes where an age requirement is stated, participants must provide a proof-of-age document at the time of application. Such a proofof-
    age document must be government certified such as a health card, passport, or birth certificate. A photocopy of the document is acceptable.
  4. Participants entering an age-based class must enter the class with an age limit above their own age.
  5. Students studying with a member of the Jury Panel during the Festival year are not eligible to enter.

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