1. The Festival proceedings and awards decisions shall be under the management of “Yip’s Music Festival” (hereinafter referred to as YMF). Thus the governing authority shall reside with the YMF Committee whose executive decisions are final.
  2. All matters not covered in the Rules and Regulations shall be referred to the YMF Committee whose decisions and governing authority shall be final and binding.
  3. Complaints and protests will only be considered upon receipt of a written submission to the YMF Committee. Complaints may be written and submitted at any time; however a formal review will only be conducted after the completion of the Festival by the YMF Committee. Emergency complaints may always be directed to any member of the Committee.
  4. It is the commitment of the YMF Committee to ensure fairness and impartiality.  All final decisions reside within the governing authority of the YMF Committee.
  5. The Festival is open to amateurs only.
  6. By entering YMF 2024, the participant automatically agrees to accept and abide by the Rules and Regulations below.
  7. YMF is a Member Festival of Ontario Music Festival Associations (OMFA); qualified candidates will be nominated to OMFA Provincial Finals, based on our adjudicators’ recommendations.