YMF Testimonials

"It was such a pleasure adjudicating for Yip's again. I would love to do it again (hopefully next time in person!). Also, I have to commend you on how unbelievably organized you were - it made the whole virtual adjudicating process so seamless and easy, so thank you!"

Allison Arends - Musical Theatre Adjudicator, YMF 2022

"I would like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation towards Ms. Katherine Kwok, the music teachers, the staff and the volunteers to make YMF happen this year. Thanks for your extraordinary efforts. I can tell that there are a lot of work and due diligence involved. YMF is by far the most organized and student-oriented music festival among the three that we’ve participated this year, especially with videos of adjudicators’ comments and the links to the performances of other participants. These are some outstanding features that are exclusively provided by YMF and rendered YMF being the best.  The mindset of going above and beyond is impressive.  YMF has set a good example for parents and students to strive for excellence and not to settle for mediocracy."

Cecilia Leung - Parent of Participant, YMF 2021

“...I had heard wonderful things about Yips Music Festival already from my colleagues, and I cannot speak highly enough of my own experiences. The organization was wonderfully organized, warm, and welcoming. All things were extremely well thought-out, from the certification process, the scheduling, the scholarships, all providing a stress-free experience for the adjudicator and a calm and supportive environment for the children...”

Allison Cecilia Arends - Voice & Musical Theatre Adjudicator, YMF 2018

"Congratulations to the Yip’s Music Festival for another successful year! The competitors performances continue to be impressive and of a high calibre. "

Shirley Kwok - Piano Adjudicator, YMF 2017

"Thank you, Yip's, for having me in the provincial finals! I feel so proud to be a provincial finalist and it was fun."

Pearly Then - Piano Best of Grade 8 Winner, YMF 2017

"My experience working at the Yip’s Music Festival 2016 has been a enjoyable and educational one. I watched as many students went up on stage to show off their hard work and dedication, some of them having done it before while others for their first time. Their levels of nervousness ranged widely however all of the participants played their very best, and it was a great gathering and showing of young musical talent. Even as a seasoned pianist and someone watching from the sidelines as an assistant, I was able to learn from the participant’s successes and mistakes, just as they learned from the same and the adjudicators. YMF is a fantastic place and opportunity for students and teachers to take leaps and bounds in their educational journey to become great musicians."

Jonathan Leung - Volunteer, YMF 2016

"Yips Music Festival was simply a joy. I found the organization to be caring and super organized. They were super efficient and had the competitor's best interests as their top priority at all times...It truly felt like a time of learning and growing, not just competition. I would highly recommend the Yips Team and their organization to parents, students and my fellow adjudicators. Thanks for a wonderful time Yips! It was a honour working with you! "

Marion Abbott - Musical Theatre Adjudicator, YMF 2016

"Thank you so much for everything! I really enjoyed playing at the Yip's Music Festival. Please extend my thanks to all the adjudicators for their very helpful comments and tips. Many thanks also go to the amazing staff at Yip's for the hard work and dedication!"

Raymond Chang - Piano ARCT Winner, YMF 2015

"It was a pleasure to hear a lot of well-prepared musical performances in this year’s festival. It shows detailed preparation with commitment. Keep up the excellent work and enjoy your music making."

Peggy Wong - Piano Adjudicator, YMF 2015