YMF Testimonials

"I would like to express my sincere appreciation to Yip's Music Festival (YMF) for another unforgettable experience this year. My first time returning to YMF in-person festival certainly has brought back memories and had a warm and supportive atmosphere. On top of that, the in-person festival was extremely different from the past years during the pandemic. It was especially meaningful to be able to perform live and share my music with the adjudicators, my fellow competitors, and their parents instead of recording at home. The adjudicators provided valuable and constructive feedback that has immensely helped me in my musical journey and preparation for the Ontario Music Festivals Association (OMFA). I am very excited for  the next festival and am looking forward to joining YMF again next year!"

Declan Yeung - Participant, YMF 2023

"My two sons had a great experience participating in the Yip's 2023 music festival. The festival was so well organized and the adjudicators were so encouraging. One of my sons attended the gala concert at the end and was so motivated to practice after receiving his 1st place trophy. Thank you for encouraging my kids on their musical journey and for organizing a great festival. We will be sure to participate in future years!"

Christine Wong - Parent of Participant, YMF 2023

"It was an honour to play on a Steinway for my first in-person music festival! The feedback I got from the adjudicator was very helpful, especially when she showed me on the piano beside me."

Tiffany Mar - Participant, YMF 2023

"I felt privileged to adjudicate the 2023 Yip's Music Festival. It was a pleasure and a real treat to listen to so much beautiful music. I am very impressed by the hard work and dedication of all the performers and teachers. Thank you dearly for the parents' support and the efficiency of the administrators to make this event an excellent learning experience for all the students. I wish you all every success in your future endeavours in music."

Peggy Wong - Piano Adjudicator, YMF 2023

"Yip's Music Festival is a wonderful way to celebrate music and the achievements of hard-working students and teachers. Professionally run by Ms. Katherine and a dedicated team, YMF is a joy to adjudicate with great organization, attractive results and certificates, and opportunities to make a lasting impact upon student musical development. Congratulations on another successful YMF! "

Vanessa Hsu - Piano Adjudicator, YMF 2023

"...I would like to thank you for organizing this virtual competition during the pandemic and giving me an opportunity to keep striving forward for self-improvement and receiving valuable judge feedback. I would also like to thank you for awarding this prize to me, and I look forward to coming back and competing at Yips Music Festival next year. "

Adrian Chan - Best of Piano Sonata Winner, YMF 2022

"It was such a pleasure adjudicating for Yip's again. I would love to do it again (hopefully next time in person!). Also, I have to commend you on how unbelievably organized you were - it made the whole virtual adjudicating process so seamless and easy, so thank you!"

Allison Arends - Musical Theatre Adjudicator, YMF 2022

"The Yips Music Festival was a pleasure to be involved in as an adjudicator as it was extremely well organized! This festival created an opportunity for music students to perform their pieces via video in order to have a goal to polish their pieces and to receive feedback. Perhaps more importantly, in our ever-changing world, remembering that music has the incredible power to make humans cry, laugh, sing, be passionate or melancholy and to express exactly who we are. Thank you to all of the organizers of YMF for allowing these vibrant young students to be heard and showcased! Bravo!"

Arianne Ewing-Chow - Piano Adjudicator, YMF 2021

"I would like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation towards Ms. Katherine Kwok, the music teachers, the staff and the volunteers to make YMF happen this year. Thanks for your extraordinary efforts. I can tell that there are a lot of work and due diligence involved. YMF is by far the most organized and student-oriented music festival among the three that we’ve participated this year, especially with videos of adjudicators’ comments and the links to the performances of other participants. These are some outstanding features that are exclusively provided by YMF and rendered YMF being the best.  The mindset of going above and beyond is impressive.  YMF has set a good example for parents and students to strive for excellence and not to settle for mediocracy."

Cecilia Leung - Parent of Participant, YMF 2021

“The level of playing was extremely high, and the festival was run in a professional and warm manner. Congratulations to the performers, teachers, families, and supporters for the success of this meaningful artistic event!”

Shoshana Telner - Piano Adjudicator, YMF 2019