Frequently Asked Questions

Q:   What is “Yip's Music Festival”?

A:  Yip's Music Festival (YMF) is a music competition. It is not an exam, or a concert. There are multiple participants competing in each Class, and their performances will be adjudicated, scored and ranked by professional adjudicators, many of whom are Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM) examiners, and esteemed teachers and performers.

Q:   Can the Festival Schedule be changed to accommodate my other

A:  The YMF Schedule is set, and cannot be changed. In order to be fair to all competitors, special requests for schedule or class changes cannot be
accommodated. (Refer to Rule #31 of YMF Syllabus.)

Q:   I have memorized my music, do I need to bring my music book to

A:  Yes. In order for the Adjudicator to refer to your performance in their
comments and adjudication, they will need your music for reference. All participants MUST bring their ORIGINAL MUSIC to the competition. (Refer to Rule #44 of YMF Syllabus.)

Q:   What is “Original Music”?

A:  “Original Music” can be ONE of the following:
    - Music books published by the Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM),
    - Commercial music books you purchased from a music store,
    - An original composition or arrangement by the participant, or by
someone who has granted permission to the participant to use it.

Q:   Is downloaded music allowed?

A:  Downloaded music is permitted only in certain cases:
- if it was downloaded from; music from this website is
considered Public Domain and it is free,
- if it was purchased and downloaded from a commercial website,
- music from is NOT allowed, as the contributors on
this website do not have copyright approval from the original owner
of the music.

Q:   Is photocopied music allowed?

A:  Photocopies of an original music book such as RCM Repertoire Book is
NOT allowed; the ONLY exception is in the Violin Sonata Classes (Level 5 –
ARCT, List B Classes), where the participant is permitted to read music
when performing, so a photocopy is allowed to be submitted to the
adjudicator. (Refer to Rule #44 of YMF Syllabus.)

Q:  What happens if I did not bring any acceptable form of printed music to my YMF Class?

A:  Participants who do not provide any acceptable form of printed
music at their YMF Class will receive COMMENTS ONLY.

Q:  Are “Bar Numbers” required on the music book or sheet music?

A:  Yes. Bar numbers are very important for Adjudicators to refer to a specific section of the music that you are performing. If they are not printed on the music, you have to count the bars and write at the beginning of each staff, or line of music, the bar number (Bar 1, 5, 10, etc.). This is for your benefit, the more specific the Adjudicators' comments are, the more helpful their advice is for your future development. (Refer to Rule #44 of YMF Syllabus)

Q:   What is the dress code for the Festival?

A:  Dress nicely and presentably – like you would at a concert; a dress or
blouse and skirt for girls, a collared shirt and dress pants for boys, with
dress shoes. (Refer to Rule #30 of YMF Syllabus.) Make sure the outfit you
are wearing does not interfere with your performance, and that it is not
making any unwanted noise! In Musical Theatre Classes, age-appropriate
costumes can be worn to enhance the role. (Refer to Rule #62 of YMF

Q:   When should I arrive for my event at YMF?

A:  Arrive at least 15 minutes before your first Class; this will allow for
registration time and yourself to settle down.

Q:   What kind of accompaniment is allowed at YMF?

A:  In Violin, Musical Theatre and Piano-NOC Classes where accompaniment is required, a live piano accompanist is required; no recorded tracks are allowed. (Refer to Rule #32 and #64 of YMF Syllabus.)

Q:   What are “Combined Classes”?

A:  If you have several Classes in your YMF Schedule with the same start time; it means that those Classes are “Combined Classes” - all the participants in those Classes are required to arrive at the same time; each Class will be adjudicated separately (i.e. each Class will be awarded its own First, Second, Third place etc.) but the adjudication will be done at the end of the last Class.

Q:   What are the Rules at Steinway Piano Gallery?

A:  No food or drink, or even water bottles are allowed inside the Steinway
Piano Gallery Auditorium - that is the policy of the venue. If you would like
to drink water before your Class, please do so in the Lobby or Reception
area, then please put away the water bottle.
Also, please do NOT try out pianos while waiting at the showroom of
Steinway Piano Gallery when YMF events are taking place. You are
welcome to book an appointment with the Staff of Steinway Piano Gallery
to try their new pianos.

Q:  Can a participant or audience member talk to the adjudicator(s) before or
after a Class?

A:  To ensure all the Classes are run efficiently and fairly, all communication
should be directed to the Adjudicator Assistant or to a member of the YMF
Committee. Any discussion about results or disputes should be sent via email to YMF Committee after (Refer to Rule #46 of YMF Syllabus.)

Q:   What happens if I am late for my Class?

A:  If the other performances in your Class are not finished, the Adjudicator
Assistant will put you in the last performance spot; however, if all the
performances are completed and the Adjudicator is already marking/adjudicating the Class, then it is too late to enter and you will not
be allowed to compete. Please follow the instructions of the Receptionist
and Adjudicator Assistant; in any case, do NOT go into the Auditorium
while a performance is in progress.

Q:   Are Programme Books available?

A:  Yes. However, to reduce the amount of paper used, only a small amount
will be printed and available for purchase; there will be a Programme
available for viewing at the Reception Desk; participants and audience
members can take a picture of the Classes they are in.

Q:   Is photography or videography allowed during the competition?

A:  Photography and videography is strictly prohibited during the competition
in order to prevent any disruption of the Class, or distraction for other
members of the audience. There will be a photo opportunity with all the
participants and the Adjudicator(s) at the end of the Class. (Refer to Rule
#49 of YMF Syllabus.) In certain classes – NOC Featured Soloist Classes –
both Piano and Violin; there will be an official video recording, as the
performances have to be documented for NOC.

Q:   Is there practising or warming up allowed at the YMF venue?

A:  No practising or warming up is allowed anywhere in the YMF venue (both Steinway Piano Gallery and Yip's Markham Hall.) The violin tuning room is for violin tuning only; no rehearsal with the accompanist is permitted.
(Refer to Rule #45 of YMF Syllabus.)

Q:   I have memorized my music, do I need to bring my music book to

A:  Yes. In order for the Adjudicator to refer to your performance in their
comments and adjudication, they will need your music for reference. All participants MUST bring their ORIGINAL MUSIC to the competition. (Refer to Rule #44 of YMF Syllabus.)

Q:   What is our COVID policy with regards to masking?

A:  For everyone's health and safety, we highly recommend that you wear a
mask while inside the YMF venue; Musical Theatre participants do not
have to wear a mask while performing.

Q:   Is YMF venue a “scent-free” zone?

A:  Yes, please refrain from wearing any perfume or fragrances to YMF
venues, as others may be sensitive or allergic to those scents.

Q:  What is the Gala Concert?

A:  All First Place winners will be invited via e-mail to attend this event, where they will receive their trophies. Special performances from outstanding participants will also be presented at this Gala Concert. This year's Gala Concert and Award Ceremony is scheduled for Saturday May 27, 2023, 7pm at Good Shepherd Community Church (390 Bamburgh Circle, Scarborough, ON M1W 3X3). Tickets for this Gala Concert will be available at a later date.